Sunday, February 13, 2011

Friday P'ball - 2/11/2011

No pictures today. Lucky you. We had a splendid day and a good turnout to boot. Fourteen players: Bob H., Steve, Mike, Peter, Joanie, Lynne, Johnny, Carol, John, Anne, Ralph, Gary A, Sharon and Ron. Bob (Buckeye) H. brought a nice batch of brownies lovingly prepared by his darling wife Geri. Bob (thinks-of-everything) even brought a little serving table and ziplocks in case anyone wanted to take home some of the goodies. Which, they did. We also played Pickleball. Lots of exciting action including one game that went to 14-12. Due to the crowd - players lined their paddles up on the fence and picked them off one-at-a-time when they took their turn on the courts. A partly sunny day, about 50 degrees with a breeze and a bunch of pals playing Pickleball and gabbing between matches. It doesn't get much better than that. Looks like we'll have favorable weather next week, so polish up your paddles, dress those wounds and get yourself ready for more action!

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