Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tuesday P'ball - 2/22/11 - What About Bob?

Yo P'ballers:
We had 10 players on this bright, blustery day. As follows: Joanie, Jan, Carol, Johnny, Steve, Bob H, Ralph, Gary A, Sharon and Ron. What about Bob? The first photo below (taken on 2/15/11) shows Bob H (Buckeye) as he cozies up to his fellow P'ballers. He is a social animal, as anyone can see.
But, something must have set Buckeye off during the week (or, perhaps the other players were avoiding him), because in the 2/22/11 photo below you might notice that Bucky is pretty much by himself. The rest of the players were against the opposite fence taking advantage of the little shady spot there.
Even though Mr. Hopp tends toward standoffishness, we keep him in the UPG organization because he: can hit the ball smartly; is the most consistent provider of goodies; is the only one among us who always knows the score and who is serving.
Short on players, but long on good matches we had a great time in spite of the stiff breeze. 2nd photo above: Joanie de Arc hefts a serve. Above: Jan poaching from Cupcake, but at least the ball cleared the net. Below: Ralph demonstrating his p'ball prowess. When he wasn't playing he serenaded  Carol (Lash), Jan and Cupcake in Spanish. They were like putty in his hands - figuratively speaking, that is!
End of scoop. Stay tuned and watch your email for the next P'ball event. Spike

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