Sunday, February 20, 2011

Funday Friday - 2/18/11 - P'ball & bull session

Fifteen players were in action today including explosive Catherine the Great and Cupcake shown above. The group in no special order: Spidy (visiting from NC), Bob H , Johnny, John, Gary, Gary A, Muriel, Jan, Anne, Joanie, Catherine, Lynne, Steve, Sharon and Ron. This was a beauty of a day; made it to 70 degrees; a breath of a breeze; sunny. Fifteen players makes for a crowd on two courts, so there was a little too much down time. But, we carried on.
Some of the troops were still standing after 3 hours. We played doubles and worked in a few singles matches as well once the crowd thinned out. Three highlights of note: One: When Spidy left the courts on Friday, he was not as fully equipped as he was when he arrived. He motored home without his paddle and as in all other cases - and there have been several - the paddle will be held hostage. It will be returned (redeemed) - unharmed - if Spidy pays a minimal bribe - in the form of yummies to share. He has been officially advised about the "arrangements". Two:  Jan is a new Grandmother. Her 2nd Granddaughter Ava Taylor was born about a week ago. Jan is as proud as a peach. Congratulations. Three: Lynne (Ace) was on fire today and wore her nickname on here sleeve, where in one match, she served 3 aces in a row. Could very well be a record. The archives are being searched as you read this.
Ok. That's the report for Friday, 2/18/11. We'll be playing again (probably on Tuesday and Friday). Misc: The bathrooms at Timmons will be opened by March 1st, so you'll have to hold on until then! Good luck. No new info about the status of the court re-surfacing at Gowers, but we are hopeful that they will be ready by Spring (2011). Spike

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