Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday ball - July 1, 2011

Eleven players  were on hand for today's matches: Claude, Mike, Ralph, Gary, Gary A, Johnny, Joshua (Johnny's & Carol's son), Sharon, Peter, Lynne and Ron. We were busy on the courts, so there wasn't much time for photos. The picture above would indicate a lack of 'busyness', but, in fact it was taken during the only lull in activity. Really! We played hard and long - 3 hours to be exact. Joshua, visiting from Texas, gave p'ball a try for the first time. A youngster by our standards, he picked up the game immediately and after a few matches became a fierce and fearsome competitor. He now holds the UPG all-time vertical leap record of 3 feet 6.5 inches topping the old record of 6.5 inches. During his record-breaking leap - Josh pounded an overhand kill shot. Luckily it didn't land on the court nor was it embedded in an opponent. It inserted itself in the court fence and is there to this day (a true-likeness picture is available on request). Olympiad news: So far these teams have been set. Men's doubles: Spidy/Stevie Wonder and Spike/Gary. Mixed doubles: Spidy/Jan and Spike/Cupcake. The UPG has several more possibilities for teams which include: Men's and Women's Doubles and Mixed Doubles. Get yourself a partner pronto. Don't be left in the dust holding your sweaty sneakers. Gary A is coordinating the UPG involvement in the Games. Please contact him if you have any questions or if you want to participate. UPG NEEDS YOU!!!

See you on the courts.
Have a happy Independence Day

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