Friday, September 9, 2011

Eight on Friday - 9/9/11 - Pickleball

Had to use a stock photo for today's write-up. Too busy playing P'ball on a beautiful day, but short on players. But, long on playing. Ralph reported in after a 15 day leave-of-absence while traveling in Spain. Ralph got right back into the game - just like he never left. And, he gave us a little rundown on his trip. Other players: Steve, Mike, Peter, Lynne, Jan, Sharon and Yon editor. We occupied two courts and played mostly doubles. Lots of good matches and scads of fun.

Also: Have heard from Anne. She is in Portugal hiking the El Camino, seeing some beautiful sights and enjoying herself.

And: The UPG is looking for some more players. If you know anyone with a tennis, or any paddlesport background who is physically active - let us know. We'll invite them to the courts and give them a little workout to see if they can work into the sport.


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