Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pickleball Chronicle - Tue, 9/13/2011

Above: Ron and Sharon gabbing with Ralph and Peter.
This was one of our nicest days in quite a while. Nine P'ballers came out to swat the ball around and enjoy the day. Players: Lynne, Jan, Sharon, Steve, Mike, Peter, Ralph, Gary and Ron.  We occupied two courts and played mostly doubles plus we played a few partial singles matches. Lately, duos have been practicing 'dinks' and find, once you get a rhythm going, its easy to get a bunch of shots across the net. The unofficial record so far is 40 consecutive dinks by Ron and Peter. This record, like all others we UPGers lay claim to - are made to be broken. Keep that in mind!  The dink practice is good for eye-hand coordination and forces players to keep their eyes on the ball.
                                                     Below: Gary and Mike in action.
Below: Jan and Steve poised for action
Thanks to Lynne for taking the pictures.
See you on the courts. The sooner the better. Spike

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