Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Pickleball - September 2, 2011

We had 10 players today. There would have been more, but the intense look on Claude's face scared some of them away. Players who stuck it out: Mike, Steve, Gary, Gary A, Claude Hisself, Johnny, Carol, Ray, Sharon and Ron. We played for about two hours. The group kept dwindling for various reasons - one of which might have been because we were being constantly buzzed by low flying aircraft - some of them, ours. And, a worker was mowing a nearby ball field and kicked up so much dust that we had a hard time seeing the p'ball. That's the excuse we used, anyway. But, we had fun, and there were some exciting games.
Gary was back in town - this time wearing a knee brace. Someone must have messed up, because it's Muriel who had knee surgery. Muriel is doing well and we are glad to hear that. Claude will be leaving for the coast so we won't see him for a while. He's going to leave his tank at Gower until then because the condo association won't let him park it in the driveway.

See you next week. Spike

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