Thursday, December 29, 2011

Wednesday, not Tuesday Pickleball. 12/28/2011

A beautiful day greeted we UPGers, and lots of others were enjoying Gower park as well. 5o degrees, sunny w/ a light breeze. Present and accounted for: Bob H, Ralph, Joanie and her granddaughters Prema and Sophia (ball shaggers extraordinaire), Mike, Steve, Ron, Sharon, Gary A and Claude. That should tally up to 9.
Stevo made a good call by cancelling our usual Tuesday session (rain in the AM, and big, big wind in the afternoon). Wed was the perfect day - or perfecter than Tue.
We played for 3 hours. Players peeled off as the session progressed, but not before lots of good games were recorded. The group slimmed down to five. Several more matches were conducted and hard fought - highlighted by some exceptional rallies and volleys. Sorry to say that there was an minor injury. But, it doesn't qualify as a 'during play' injury so gets no official ranking on our scale 10. The unlucky soul walked into one of the shin-high, brick pedestals while milling around and watching a match. Name withheld by request.
The photograph above may be copied, reproduced, retouched, sold, rented, given away, enlarged, graphically altered any which way, digitally enhanced or un-enhanced all at no cost and also without written permission. By the way: if this was a match-related injury, it would only rank as a 3.5.

Looks like Friday, December 30th is going to be a fine day for P'ball and our last session of 2011. Hope you all can find your way clear to join the fun. If you do, and even if you don't - hope you have a Happy New Year.


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