Thursday, January 3, 2013

Twothousandthirteen - 1st P'ball session

The first P'ball session of 2013 took place on a 'marginal' day. Kinda' cold and raw. But 9 players were on hand: Mike, Gary H, Gary A, Steve, Lynne, Jim, Peter, Walter and yon editor w/ a new  camera. So, why no photos you are probably asking? Well, it seems that the BLOG gurus have changed the way photos are uploaded to the BLOG page. There is no longer an option to upload directly from the camera or from picture files. Somehow it has to be achieved via Picasa Web Albums - a chore that the Staff is unable to accomplish. So, hopefully it will work itself out and yon editor will calm down and stop uttering adult phrases. The last stream of expletives has driven Sharon from the house. She's been gone for half an hour. Think she heading back to Plattsburg, NY. I'll miss her. Wish she took the cat.

Anyway: I had a great photo of Pistol Pete which was going to the the Poster Picture, because Peter was on fire - chasing down any ball within 20 feet of him and firing back rockets at his sorry opponents. Had a good one of Stevie Wonder with his new UPG hat. Maybe next time. Lynne came up with a great one-liner when she blew a guaranteed, point-gaining- kill-shot by drilling the ball harmlessly into the net instead of the unguarded court a few feet away. She said, with much vehemence, "I'd rather get snakebit than miss a shot like that."

Lynne insisted on calling the surgical scars on my knees "racing stripes". She forced the camera  from me and took a picture of the stripes for posting with the rest of the pictures that are not posted. Somehow that photo was mysteriously deleted. Scuffed-up, 70 something year-old-knees are best left covered. Too bad the picture was deleted, though.

Jim played the entire session without stopping for a rest. Hope he had enough Ben Gay and 'Vitamin I' to carry him through the night.

In addition the Shenanigans described above, there was plenty of serious pickleball. Cold and raw or not, the matches heated up to the point where some players, so adorned, stripped off their sweatpants. Luckily, most remembered to put on shorts before donning the sweats.


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