Thursday, December 20, 2012

Tuesday P'ball - December 18, 2012


Thanks to Gary H for sending along this new Pickleball logo.

We had another beautiful day for pickleball with 9 players in action: Mike, Gary A, Gary H, Steve, Bob D, Julia, Karen, Kim and your honor. Also on site were wind-at-your-back and sun-in-your eyes. Not present, but accounted for: Self-proclaimed newbie Rob R. His darling wife Kim reported that Rob could not attend this session - now get this - "because he had to get a haircut ." At first we thought Kim was toying with us, some sort of a cruel joke, perhaps. Never, ever, under any circumstances make any appointments that interfere with scheduled Pickleball sessions. That is the lamest excuse ever used for missing a p'ball session as determined by a careful search of the UPG EXCUSES ARCHIVES. The UPG Rules Committee has already met in an emergency session and by a 1 - 0 vote decided to cut Rob some slack for his indiscretion - citing his newness to our organization. Lucky for Rob - he will play again.

Approved excuses for missing scheduled UPG pickleball sessions.
If you are:

___hospitalized at the time of the session and under anesthesia (but, not self administered).
___out of the country (excluding Southern California), but not if you are within two hours flying time unless you are flying United.
___unable to move the majority of your limbs, not counting your ears.

or, during theses weather events:

___hurricanes (Category 3 or above).
___earthquakes ( above 7.0 on the Richter Scale).

Unacceptable excuses, so don't even try: I'm tired; it's cold or hot; I want to stay home to spend more time with my mother-in-law; it looks like it may rain, snow or hail; My bunion is acting up; had a rough night last night....

The list above should be printed and stored in a secure location. Refer to it often so you won't follow in Rob's footsteps.

When I get another camera, you won't have to put up with this foolishness. By the way - we had a great day of pickleball once the shock of Rob's excuse finally wore off.



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