Sunday, February 3, 2013

P'ball report. Friday, 2/01/2013

The p'ball BLOG postings have been far and few between. Sorry to say. But there is plenty of p'ball action at least twice a week. And, as anyone in the know knows, we play in almost any weather. Cold and wind are not, and should not be a factors. I stopped by, but within 5 minutes had to quit. Hope to get back in to playing soon. Anyway, 7 other players were on site and in action. Not inaction: Mike, Gary A, Gary H, Steve, Julia and Barbara. Ray appeared out of nowhere. He's been on UPG paid medical leave for about 6 months. He also had a note from his Mother, so he was allowed to play.

The UPG BLOG staff was without a camera for a while and then had all kinds of problems attaching photos. Those problems are now resolved.
Above: Walt standing in the kitchen. Don't get all worked up. It was just a warm up session.
Below: Gary A and Mike.
Below: Julia and Barbara.
Below: Gary H and Steve

 Below: Mike executing a delicate return, and Gary A.
That's it. Let the BLOG Division if you find any speling errors.


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