Friday, February 15, 2013

Windy Friday. February 15, 2013

There were 16 players on hand today. Bright sun and brisk winds were our company. 16 Players: Lynne, who stopped by to say "hey", but decided to play a few matches even though she was wearing jeans and hiking boots, Mike, Gary A, Steve, Sue (2nd annual visit all the way from Michigan), Evan, Ray, Bob D, Julia, Barbara, Kim, Walt, Don, Johnny, Carol and me (Spike). The wind got stronger as the session worn on and it chased loose balls all over the place - sometimes to the chagrin of the 2 tennis players on Court 5. We kept 4 courts busy for much of the session, but there were occasional rest periods allowed  as indicated in the photo below. L-R: Gary A, Sue and Barbara.

Below. Top L-R: Evan and Johnny; Barbara. Bottom L-R: Carol; Mike and Kim!
Below. Top L-R: Evan; Ray. Bottom L-R: Stevie Wonder; Bob D.
Another fun day on the courts at Gower. Get off your carcass, dust off your paddle and get on out to the next session. You'll be glad you did.


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