Monday, March 4, 2013

Friday P'ball - March 1, 2013

Back for another try and hopefully off the DL permanently. A brisk day brought out 10 players: Mike, Gary A, Steve, Don, Tom, Barbara, Julia, Peter, Walt and yon Bloggist. Many fine matches followed and we kept 2 courts busy for about 2 hours.

Sorry to hear that Bob D had a p'ball mishap a few weeks ago and will be out of commission for a spell. Will give the full details when I hear directly from Bob. The unofficial word is that he charged a drop shot, tangled with the net and ended up losing to the net. We hope he makes a speedy recovery.
Below: Gary A, Steve, Mike and Don finish a match.
                                 Below: Top. Gary A; Julia and Tom. Bott: Peter; Walt and Tom.
Below Top: Steve; Barbara. Bott: Don; Tom. 
Not too much to report, so this blurb will be short and sweet, like Yon Editor. Come on out and get back in the p'ball groove. The days are getting warmer and the competition is too. See you soon. How about on 3/05/2013? Spike

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