Thursday, December 17, 2009

Pickleball Thursday Afternoon 12-17-09

Timmons Park, Greenville, SC

As expected we had a bang of a turnout today, probably due in part, to the advertised T-shirt giveaway extravaganza. The weather co-operated and as luck would have it, there was just enough parking spaces for our players plus two other folks who played some kind of knock-off net game with big racquets and fuzzy, yellow balls.

P'ballers present: Jan, Spidy, Sharon, Bob H, John, Johnny and Spike.

It was good to see Jan back in action today. She made her presence known by playing some fierce shots, much to the detriment of her opponents. Bob (Buckeye) was on his game as well and managed more than a few kill shots. Everyone played hard and well. Consequently, we had many good games and as always - a few blowouts.

Johnny advises that Carol is feeling better. Hope to see her on the court soon.

Almost Forgot: Is anyone interested in BUYING an imaginary Upstate Pickleball T-shirt? Size: XXXL. We expect a delivery (on February 30th or 31st, 2010) of 100 T-shirts (99% cotton, 1% Spandex, black, with a red pickleball paddle and a yellow ball that appears to the naked eye to be flying through the air at an outlandish speed). We expect to have 93 extras (well, 92 actually, because we are setting one aside for Lynne who would have been there, but wasn't, because someone ran over her foot). Speedy recovery.

We are planning to play again next week - probably Mon and perhaps Tuesday as well. Depends on the weather.
Hope to see you then.

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