Monday, December 14, 2009

Pickleball Monday Afternoon 12-14-09

It turned out to be a nice afternoon for pickleball. I think it made it to about 55 degrees. We had some sun but not the whole time and the wind was not a factor. There were 7 players that turned out for the games today. Doubles was played on one court and canadian doubles on the other. The players today were Ron, Ralph, Mike, Claude, Johnny, Ken and I. Sharon was with us too but had to sit on the sidelines today as she had had shots in her knees and the doctor had forbidden her to play. She did some walking around the park, picking up balls for the players and read. Jan stopped by to visit. She is still getting over having bronchitis and still has some congestion. We could have used Steve today for a change but he's trying hard to improve his bowling. Hope to play later in the week. Lynn

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