Monday, December 21, 2009

Pickleball Monday Afternoon 12-21-09

Pickleball Report - Monday, December 21, 2009

We had a fine day for PICKLEBALL and a good turnout for such a busy time of the year.

Present: Jan, Ralph, Mike, Bob H, John, Gary and this teller of tall tales.

Jan's son Rich and his wife Denise came by for a visit. Rich had to leave in short order, but Denise decided to give P'ball a try. She ended up playing about 4 games and did well considering she hasn't played any racquet sports for some time. She got in the way of a few hard shots and probably has some marks to prove it. But, she left with a smile on her face and was on the winning side at least once.

Otherwise, we had many good games. We ended up using one court as players peeled off on their way to other holiday business.

Sharon wasn't present because she had shots in her knees about an hour before the 1 PM start. But, she sent along Christmas cookies, some decorated by yours truly. Pictures attached. Cookies were well received, and Sharon was thanked heartily.

Some of our players have gone missing - due to the holidays no doubt. Hoping some of the lost souls will show up for tomorrow's match at 1:00PM.

See you on the courts.


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