Friday, January 15, 2010

Pickleball Friday Afternoon 1-15-10 Timmons Park

12 pickleball players were in action today..... Ralph, Gary, Muriel, Sharon, Steve, Bob H., Jan, Mike, Lynne S., Joanie, John and me (Ron).

We had a beautiful day with temperatures in the low 60's, bright sun and just a breath of a breeze. But it was breath enough for one player to blame it on a missed return. No one fell for it though.

As always there were many spirited matches played during the 3 hours we were swatting the little yellow balls around. There were at least 2 shutouts. The best one came when Joanie started serving a match at "zero, zero, only" and kept at it until the match was over at "11, zero, only". She never gave up the serve much to the distress of her opponenets Sharon and Lynne S. For this amazing feat Joanie was designated player of the day and will receive a new Buick (from Tiger Wood's dwindling supply). This along with the free T-shirts, previously discussed in this column, will be delivered on February 30, 2010.

We'll be playing next week, probably on Tuesday, if the long range weather prediction holds. I'll work on it..... Spike

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