Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pickleball Tuesday Afternoon 1-19-10

We had a beautiful day to play pickleball. 65 degrees, slight breeze and sunny. No wonder we had such a good turnout.
11 players in all including long lost Catherine, and a new player to us (but not to pickleball), Linda M. (hereafter: Linda). She plays indoors in western NC but it didn't take her long to get the hang of playing outdoors contending with the sun and the breeze. Welcome.
In attendance: Mike, Sharon, Ralph, Bob H., Jan, Linda, Catherine, Steve, Gary, John and me (Ron).
John started the day with a push broom cleaning up the few puddles from recent rains. He got a rousing applause for his efforts. Our Award Committee designated John as the Supreme Court Cleaner and All Around Handy Man. An award is being prepared. It will be awarded during a special ceremony on - you guessed it - Feb. 30, 2010. A photo is attached confirming his push-broom prowess. It clearly demonstrates his unusual technique.
We played for almost 3 hours and, as usual, had many fine games. Someone was bar-b-queing nearby and we were all having hunger tantrums by then. Otherwise we probably could have gotten a few more games in.
We'll be scheduling games for later this week depending on the weather.
Hope to see you there..... Spike

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