Friday, May 28, 2010

Action-packed Upstate Pickleball - 5/28/2010

We had a full complement of players (16) and tons of fun on this HOT Friday. Players: Johnny, Mike, Steve, Ray, Charlie, Jan, Anne, Catherine, David H, Bob H, Bob T, Lynne, Joanie, Peter, Muriel and your leader by default. Sharon (Bag Lady for the day) was the only spectator. She pulled a muscle (she begged me not to say where) on Tuesday, so she spent this session shagging balls and placing them in a plastic bag. Thus: Bug Lady. We had a mysterious player (shown above) who appeared out of no where, played a few masterful games and disappeared right when it clouded over?
Jan was back in action today having just returned from a trip 'across the pond' and Anne (Pit Bull) just returned from 2 weeks gallivanting around the East Coast. But, they soon got into the swing of things (so to speak) and played hard and fast. We were a little crowded, with 16 players, but no one minded sitting out a little longer than usual - so, it wasn't a big problem. But, we are hoping like crazy that the courts at Gowers Park will be ready soon.
We have been having great turnouts and terrific competition, but we hope some of our long-lost pals will come around. We need a few more characters who are willing and able to take the heat: the heat of the game and the heat of the bantering. Both equally fun. Have a safe holiday and don't forget to fly "Old Glory". See you next week.
PS: Pictures can be enlarged by left-clicking on them. This includes the collages. Ed in Chief.

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