Monday, August 2, 2010

The Day of The Hellacious Serve(s) - August 2, 2010

Ten players showed up and enjoyed some excellent matches and coolish weather at 74 degrees and overcast. Present: Johnny, Carol, Lynne, Anne, Jan, Peter, Steve, Joanie, Sharon & Ron. Lynne (aka: Ace) is starred today in honor of her self-proclaimed 'hellacious' serve - one of which is shown above. It was a daring and somewhat brazen statement, but she followed it up with action, by blasting several aces past bewildered opponents.
Above: Jan reaches for a sideliner and executes a smart return. Below: Pete swats a backhander as Joanie looks on.
Below: Jan agonizes over a missed shot that she could have easily dropped over for the point.
Otherwise, what else happened of note? Well, Anne (Pit Bull) made at least two leaping returns where she left the ground pursuing lobs. On both occasions she managed to return them by making confirmed vertical leaps of at least 12". Well deserved standing ovations followed both returns. There were 2 shutouts and there were a few matches that reached into the teens. What else? We had loads of fun and we'll be back at it again on Tuesday, August 3rd, and if weather permits, again on Friday, August 6th. Steve is going to doing the scheduling for the next two weeks. See you in a few weeks.
Spike & Cupcake

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