Saturday, August 21, 2010

Treats & Heat. UPG Report: 8/20/2010

Johnny (Hoot) earns 'poster-boy' status (poster person, if you like) for his notoriously deadly kill shots at the net. Free advice: Don't serve up a lob to Hoot unless you are absolutely positive that you can get it well out of his long reach, otherwise you may end up wearing a pickleball for the rest of the match, or the rest of your life.

Twelve players were present: Jan, Johnny, Bob H, Ray, Charlie, Catherine, Peter, Ralph, Steve, Mike, Sharon & Ron. There was a recommended dress code for the day, but only 3 of our twelve got it right. Two of them are shown below. Buckeye and Cupcake are also featured for their dashing hats (the hats aren't actually dashing Claude - it's just a figure of speech). Mrs Bob, aka Geri, supplied us with treats - pictured below in the first collage. Thanks for the goodies.
We had many exciting games of Pickleball in the heat, but occasionally took time out to clown around, as the scene below clearly indicates.
Below: Ralph is captured, by the camera of a low-flying satellite, demonstrating to Charlie the almost lost art of a right-hander, executing a backhand shot, using the left hand, while holding the face of the paddle instead of the handle as is the custom in this hemisphere. Some would argue, and rightly so, that the move is actually a left-handed forehand. You judge. Charlie was still practicing the maneuver when we packed up and headed to our vehicles.
Thanks Catherine for taking some pictures.
Other newsy stuff: Jan took 3 direct Pickleball hits, one in the face. But, she played on like the trooper she is.
We'll be playing next week. Check your e-mail for the schedule and other exciting announcements.

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