Thursday, August 26, 2010

P'ball - the short and sweet of it. 8/24/10

Ten players were action on this lovely day and we even had a nice breeze. Present: John, Johnny, Carol, Jan, Steve, Pete, Charlie, Bob H, Sharon and this writer and part-time paper hanger.

Here's what happened. But, first - it was much quieter possibly because - Spidy was winging his way to Samoa where there are presently few incidences of cannibalism reported so he'll probably be back soon enough!
  • We hit the ball hundreds of times - many made it over the net and quite a few landed in the court of the opponent and these were often returned with some vigor and occasionally for a point.
  • We had to get used to the first breeze in quite a while, but it was nice to have it as an excuse for the rare shot that 'didn't travel the intended route'.
  • Other excuses uttered: "I wasn't ready." "The ball skipped on the white line." "It was your ball." "You poached and weren't able to cover your side of the court." "I thought it was going out of bounds." "It's too quiet." "The sun was in my eyes." "I thought you were going to get it." "I don't like the orange balls." And, on and on and on.
  • We played many games - hard and fast and no one got hurt so there were no emergency medical airlifts as I recall. We had fun, too.

Otherwise: Cupcake, Spike and the Spinmaster will not be at Timmons Friday, as we will be playing in a tournament at a resort in Lake Lure, NC. Stevie Wonder will be handling the Friday P'ball session.

See you next week and have fun this Friday. We will report on the tournament.


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