Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Upstate Sauna & Pickleball - 8/17/2010

No photos today because the UPG Photographer inadvertently left his/her camera at home on the counter so he/she would definitely remember to take it to the match. So, you'll just have to use your imagination. Good luck. Fourteen players showed up. Stevo was first on the scene wielding a push broom to clear the courts after an early morning rain. Others soon pitched in with squeegees. Present: Mike, Carole, Johnny, Claude, Sharon, Jan, Bob the hat, Ray, Charlie, Lynne, Steve, Pete, Ralph & Ron. We had some light drizzle, and some notable SC humidity. We also had many spirited games including at least one heartbreaker that this author of dubious talent would prefer not to talk about - but, thanks for asking.

Gentleman Bob H (aka Buckeye) was sporting a new floppy, boonie hat and drew many comments - some were unsavory. However, Buckeye shouldered the abuse in a very sporting manner and is hereby commended. He later reported to the UPG Medical Team and Wardrobe Department (UPGMT&WD), that the adornment was not intended to be a Pickleball fashion statement as some thought and took exception to, but rather, a way to protect his ears from the ravaging effects of the sun.

We will probably be playing on Friday if weather permits. Stay tuned.

And: next time you see Stevie Wonder, thank him for taking on the P'ball scheduling duties for the last two weeks.


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