Thursday, May 19, 2011

Gary A bites the dust day. Thursday, May 19, 2011

Eight were in action today - for a while anyway! Present: Gary A (Hardcore), Mike, Steve, Jan, Johnny Carol, Sharon & Ron. In the first few minutes of the first match of the day, Gary ran forward to return a drop shot, slipped somehow and took an awful digger landing on his face and hands. He ended up with a nasty cut on his forehead and the bridge of his nose. First aid was immediately required - that's when we found out how ill prepared we were for such an event. Everyone pitched in. Kleenex didn't suffice, but Spidy had a spare T-shirt, tore it up and wrapped around Gary's head Rambo style. Gary stayed cool the whole time.
After a while he was feeling OK, and wouldn't hear of anyone accompanying him to the hospital. So, off he went, saying he'd be back. We cleaned up the court and carried on. Played for 2 more hours. Near the end of our session Gary returned decorated as seen below. With his forehead and nose stitched up. At his insistence, we even batted the ball around with him for a few minutes.
It was a very scary scene for a while and we are thankful that, except for his patched up wounds and some other sore spots that showed up - on his palms, elbows and one knee - he's A-OK.

Just so everyone knows: Gary wasn't trying for some outlandish, diving shot. It was just a good try for a ball and he took a tumble. He earns a Hardcore ranking for his toughness and coolness while we were busy trying to find basic first aid items which would have helped enormously. We learned something from this experience, and we will be better prepared in the future.

Golden Spike

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