Sunday, May 15, 2011

No bad luck today - Friday the 13th - P'ball - AMENDED

Looks confrontational, but it wasn't! Just a serious discussion - probably about a minor topic. Friday the 13th brought no bad luck - except for the players on the wrong end of scoring routs. Players: Mike, Bob H, Bob T, Peter, Peter P, Anne, Steve, Ralph, Claude, Lynne, Gary, Carol, Johnny, Sharon and Ron. Fifteen players makes for some down time on two courts, so we stayed at it for 3 hours and 15 minutes finishing at 82 degrees. No one dropped, though.

Dutchess (shown above) celebrated her Birthday. P'ballers, reluctantly stopped their oh-so-important matches to offer up a sorry rendition of Happy Birthday. At least one players was on key and a few knew the tune.
As seen in the top photo, Claude has returned to the Greenville area after a several months hiatus.

Bob T and Stevie Wonder formed up to play Mighty Spidy and Yon Editor in the last two matches of the day and won both. It's a painful thing to report. (Corrected version of original posting).

And, so ended another fun day of P'ball. We are all looking forward to the next session. Watching the wx.


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