Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Pickleball and Brownies - Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Yon Editor was back on site today along with 12 other players: Mike, Steve, Gary, Gary A, Ralph, Bob T, Bob H, Anne, Jan, Peter P, Johnny and Carol. It was a warm, bright day and was made a little more special because Buckeye brought along a swell batch of brownies. Above: Fleetfoot Bob T in action.
Below: Top L - R/Bottom L - R: Mighty Spidy, Dutchess/Rickety Ricky, Peter P.
Above: Top L - R/Bottom L - R: Gary and Hoot, Lash and Bob T/Dutchess and Gary, Stevie Wonder et al. When we weren't pounding down brownies we were hard at p'ball and having a lot of fun doing it. As the day progressed and the temp worked its way to 82 degrees, the Baker's dozen shriveled down to four who played a coupled of exciting 'A' matches. We managed to keep at it for 3 hours.

Thanks to Stevie Wonder for organizing the Pickleball Sessions for the last few weeks. And, thanks to Dick Stone of the Keowee Keys crowd for sending two shirts that we UPGers left dangling from the pickleball court fence when  we visited on April 18th.

Finnish Nail

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