Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Heated Moments - Tuesday, May 31, 2011

But, only temperature wise. Thirteen players checked in but none checked out on our hottest day this season according to the UPG historical annuls. Players: Mike, Peter, Peter P, Jan, Anne, Johnny, Carol, Gary, Gary A, Steve, Ralph, Sharon and Ron. Somehow we managed to play for 3 hours, thought the number of players slowly declined as the session wore on and the sun and temperature rose higher. Gary A, now un-bandaged and looking good, gave Spidy a new T-shirt to replace the one he used to bandage Gary on the day of the "accident" (See the May 19th post).
Above: Jan demonstrates one of her ballerina-like moves as she addresses the ball: "Hello ball, hello, hello". Below: the lanky duo of Gary and Gary team up. Gary's on the left - or the right.
Below: Spidy deep, pounces.
Above: Peter eyes his shadow. The only one of the two with a paddle. Below: Gary A (Rambo) sends a backhander flying (or, is about to hit a forehander). You decide.
We had many fine games, and some exceptional net play with long volleys and snappy footwork. We'll be at it again Friday. See you then. Stay cool.


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