Thursday, December 22, 2011

Damp Tuesday Pickleball - 12/20/2011

When you leave your comfy home to play Pickleball and you have to immediately turn on your windshield wipers - you rank as one or both of the following: 1) an eternal optimist, 2) not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Your choice. Six arrived at Gower park: Mike, Steve, Claude, Gary A, Sharon and Ron. But, to our credit, even our friend 'Hercules' - the tennis instructor - was teaching one of his students the finer points of the game with somewhat soggy tennis balls. P'balls don't get soggy though, so we carried on. The courts were wet but no puddles formed. Not right away. R and S practiced on one court while Claude, Gary A, Steve and Mike battled on the other. Then, the sprinkles turned into a light rain at which point Sharon had the good sense to retire to the car. We took a few minutes to perform The Passing of the Pickle to Gary A (originally presented to him in absentia during the Christmas Party (See the BLOG entry for December 14, 2011 - now slightly revised)).
The foursome above played more matches ignoring the inclementness (look it up!) after S and R departed.
Above: Sharon (aka Cupcake) in an un-posed action shot.
Here's hoping that we get to play the Friday before Christmas. Spike

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