Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tuesday Pickleball - December 13, 2011

A sparkling day at Gower Park. Disc golfers were as busy as ever and two courts were occupied by tennis players. We UPGers - 10 strong - occupied Courts 2 & 3. Players: Josee, Claude, Anne, Sharon, Steve, Mike, Ron, Johnny, Carol and Joanie. Josee hasn't been around for a while. It took her a few matches to warm up, but when she did she dropped many a dink shot just over the net to the consternation of her unsuspecting opponents. Otherwise, we played for about 2-1/2 hours and had barrels of fun. The group eventually dwindled to 4 where Ron and Mike played Steve and Claude. Each team won one match - both hard fought 'guts' matches. A rubber game will be arranged. Best out of 5?; out of 7?
Above - clockwise starting at top L: Joanie and Johnny, Josee and Claude, Steve and Sharon, Claude.

There will be a Christmas party tonight (Wed. Dec 14th). Check your email. There will be a BLOG post about the much Heralded event. Stay tuned.


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