Sunday, December 11, 2011

Pickleball Report - Friday December 09/2011

That's Peter above. This is a return not a serve, so it's OK to be toeing the line. Si?

We had 11 players and none of the men noticed the eye candy on Court 1. The same ladies were playing tennis on Court 1 during our 12/02 outing but were not included in the list of  distractions in the BLOG for that date entitled Distractions Included. This omission was kindly and correctly pointed out by our very own Spidy-the-Lengthy. So, since the occurrence repeated itself - the reference is included here for your reading pleasure.

Players: Steve, Gary A, Peter, Ray, Jan, Johnny, Carol, Ron, Sharon, Claude and Lynne.

We occupied Courts 3 and 4 and kept them busy. Several matches were played on Court 4, before Stevo realized that the net had not been lowered. There was some good natured grumbling but the games went on with only one formal protest submitted.

Oh. Normally we don't include match scores - but, these two are worth mentioning: Yon editor made the foolish mistake of playing Claude in a singles match. Claude squeezed out a win 11-0. Then, yon editor and Stevie Wonder (Team Green) challenged Claude and Gary A (Team Blue) to a doubles match. It went well for Green eventually garnering an impressive lead of 10 - 3 and a sure win. The stands emptied at that point. But (please don't read any more if you are feint of heart) the Blues took the next 9 points for the win - even though Green-with-envy got the serve back 3 or 4 times. Yikes.
Above: Steve and Ray

See you on the courts ASAP.

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