Thursday, June 7, 2012

June 5, 2012 - P'ball report

We were rained out for our morning session, so Gary A, after consulting with the UPG Board of Directors and Weather Arrangers BoDWA), rescheduled the session for 1:00PM. Twelve players presented themselves. Johnny, Carol, Lynne, Gary A, Gary, Steve, Jacob the younger, Don, Claude, Mike, Ron and Sharon. Weather: Warm and very humid. Steve did some squeegeeing when he first arrived (or, arrived first) and the courts self-dried soon after.
Below: Claude showing off his maximum vertical leap (4 inches with his left foot!).
We played several doubles matches (UPG's standard fare) and a few singles matches as well. The most exciting event to take place (sorry, no video coverage) was when one of the long Garys took an uppercut shot at a ball that was also being played by his somewhat closer-to-the-ground, partner. Gary, sometimes known for his savagery, struck the ball and his partner's grimacing face at the same time. Unfortunately, the ball didn't clear the net so the point was lost. The unintended? victim babbled incoherently for a few minutes, but was able to resume playing. Gary's paddle is OK.
Below: Spidy about to blast a forehand.

Below: Jacob letting one go by for his partner.

Excellent weather is predicted for Friday, June 8. Hope to see you there.


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