Friday, June 15, 2012

FriBall - June 15, 2012

Below: Jacob-the-younger and Stevie Wonder
We had a sparkling day and enough warm bodies to fill all five courts and we had a few bench-warmers too. Twenty-four in all. Sorry to say the UPG Staff Bloggist of dubious renown, can only come up with 21 names. Some were new folks - so, forgive the forgetfulness. Present: Mike, Steve, Gary A, Gary, Bob T, Johnny, Anne, Walt, Jacob, Lynne, Sandy, Jack, June, Claude, Don, Ray, Mick, Bob D, Julie, Sharon and Ron.
Above L: Johnny and Claude; Top: ? and Walt; Bottom: Don and Spidy.
Below: From Top L clockwise - Bob T, Don, Jacob, Spidy (Mike).
Our new players keep on improving their games and some of the most recent arrivals are on their games as well. Experienced players are doing a good job working with the new crowd and getting them into more competitive matches. It is best for beginning players to not move too quickly into matches that are well above their skill level. There are plenty of playing opportunities during our regular sessions Everyone should be able to get into competetive games. There is no harm in setting up matches with players around your individual level of play. Don't hang around waiting to asked to play.Take the bull by the horns and set up your own matches. But, don't forget to rotate other players in.


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