Sunday, June 10, 2012

Friday P'ball - June 10, 2012

We had 17 warm bodies on the courts. That crowd played some hot matches including more than a few'guts' matches. Players: Gary A, Gary, Steve, Mike, Claude, Johnny, Peter, Lynne, Jack and June, Bob S, Sharon, Ray, Sandy, Don, Joanie and yon editor. Not too much to report because everyone was on their best behavior. We are happy to report that Peter and Margot have returned from a trip down the Danube - and, Peter at least, seems none the worse for the wear. He sidestroked most of the way. Johnny and Carol conducted their first OLLIE Pickleball session on June 7th at Furman University. They had 9 students. They all demonstrated a knack for the game. We will more than likely end up with some of the players from that group.
Below. Top L-R: June and Gary; Bottom L-R: Jack and Mike (Spidy)
Below: UPGers also know how to relax: That's Don on the left, Johnny/Peter/Lynne (Ace) top R and under the tree Sharon (Cupcake) and Bob S.
We'll be back at it next week. See you then. Bring these things: your paddle, your best game and a sense of humor. Or, come empty-handed and take your chances.
Hot Dipped

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