Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tuesday Pickleball Report - 6/12/2012

Due in part to an 'equipment malfunction' often referred to a 'brain cramp' no photos were taken during this session. Yon Editor-in-Chief was not able to locate the UPG camera even though it was in a paddle-bag that was searched 3 times. As luck would have it, somewhat related photos became available and are shown below with wordy explanations. But first today's 13 players: Johnny, Carol, Sharon, Lynne, Karen, Sandy, Steve, Gary A, Gary, Mike, Hank, Bob T and Ron.

The day was warm, sunny and very humid. But, that didn't stop folks from playing long and hard. Activity included doubles, at least one Canadian Doubles match, singles practice - including dinks, individuals battling against the backboard and occasionally winning. So, we had it all - but, none of it recorded for posterity.

NEWS: We heard from Richard W of the Keowee Keys crowd. Construction had begun on their 4 dedicated Pickleball courts (photo below). They will be lighted and at least partially fenced. The courts will be ready for play in September. Once the courts are operational and broken in by the KK Crew we just might get an invitation to give them a try. Richard will keep us apprised of the progress.
Gary A has beens sending email info about the upcoming tournament at Lake Lure. A very exciting and well run event. So, be sure to read related emails and plan on attending either as a participant or perhaps you can do some volunteer work as a ball shagger; or, just attend as a spectator. If you plan to compete, you might want to rustle up a partner, or partners if you plan to enter more than one event.

We have also received an invitation from the Mountain Picklers Pickleball Club. The group is hosting the: 2nd Annual Student Scholarship Fund Invitational Pickleball Tournament
July 13 and 14, 2012 :  Detailed info will be emailed to all UPGers.
Last but not least:  One of our pickleball players left this darling hat at the Gower courts - probably on 6/11. Mike, Steve and the two Garys vehemently deny ownership of the hat, but that flies in the face of some of the rumors that are circulating. If you know its owner, please advise and your identity will be protected.
Next up: FridayBall. June 15, 2012.

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