Sunday, March 31, 2013

Good Friday P'ball. 3/30/2013

This bright, breezy day brought out a lot of players. The session started at 1:00 PM; by 2:00 we had four courts fully occupied. We UPGers, well known for our benevolence, generously allowed Coach John and his student to occupy Court 5 where they played a game called tennisball (I think). There were 16 players: Newbies Lynda and Glenn (probably the only players who were equally happy when they hit or missed the ball or gained or lost a point), Ralph, Sam, Ray, Kim, Patty and Tim (Mom and son - both exceptional players - who contributed greatly to several fiercely contested matches), Peter, Don, Walt, Steve, Mike, Julia, Gary A and me (often called Ron). 
Below: Patty and Tim.

Below: Kim and Mike (aka Spidy)
Below: L. Peter and Julia; R. Patty and Tim again; Bott. Walt and Lynda.
Below Top: Peter, Glenn; Bott: Sam, Kim
Kudos to Don (age unknown, but a senior citizen for sure) for challenging youngster Tim (at 25 years young) to a singles match. Don gave Tim a run for his money, but came up just a few points short of a victory.
We stayed at it for about 2-1/2 hrs, but the number of players dwindled as time marched on. As always there were many fine matches. Our newer players keep improving. Our seasoned veterans keep getting a little tougher, too. Makes for exciting matches.

The Senior Games are coming up soon. The Pickleball Session will be held April 15, at Gower Park beginning at 6:00PM. Gary A has sent everyone info about the Games and he sent registration documents as well. The application deadline is April 5th. Read the documents for full details. Several teams have already been formed. OK? Check YES_____ or NO______ here. It really doesn't matter what you check. But, do it anyway.


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