Monday, March 11, 2013

P'ball Report. UPG. Fri. 3/08/2013

It was a premier day so we ended up with a whole flock, covey, mob, herd bunch of players of every skill level and each with at least a moderate degree of enthusiasm. Soon after action commenced, the wind arrived. This weather event added considerably to the direction and velocity of the balls - especially high lobs of which Steve and Mike are rather fond. Sixteen players attended, Mike, Steve,  Gary A, Lynne, Kim, Judie, Walt, Don, Johnnie, Carol, Peter, Julia, Karen, two new tryouts Rebecca and Carol X; and Yon Editor Ron.
Above: Spidy and Don, Lynne and Kim, Johnny and Walt.
Below: Don, Spidy (aka: Mike)
Below: Carol demonstrates her signature behind-the-back-slap shot, which in this case was ineffective. Notice the ball just below her bu beside her leg. Do not attempt. Professional player on a closed court.
Below. Newbie i.e.: Judie is playing with he partner The Shadow who is just about to hit a left-handed shot. We didn't have any southpaws playing on Friday, so we can't account for the image? Who knows? You must be over 60 to get this one.
Highlights: 1. Biggie: Johnnie executed a personal best, (and UPG 2nd place) vertical leap of 3.6 inches. His previous best was 3.45 inches during a college playoff basketball game in 1968. Congratz.  2. Don (Listed among UPG's top-rated Curmudgeons) brought a tripod mounted video camera to the courts to film himself serving to himself. This amounted to quit a feat of dexterity and fleet-footedness*. He won 2 of the 3 matches against himself and he also beat the backboard in one match 11-8. The video will be featured in a future Blog.
Anyway. We had a good crowd and loads of fun. Join us and you too, might just be featured by our Highlights Division. And, if you are real fortunate you may even be the subject of an embarrassing photo published right here in this Blog which receives about umpteen hits/week.
footedness (Noun) - the property of favoring one foot over the other (as in kicking a ball) Or, both feet over the other; asymmetry, dissymmetry, imbalance ...

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