Thursday, March 7, 2013

There was so much action on this day that the Blog staffers were unable to take the usual array of stunning photos and they (the staffers) were also unable to take the copious notes that would enable him/her to write a proper information-filled Blog post. The Editors had to resort to outdated file photographs and plagiarized images to fill the pages of this presentation. Sorry if this failing causes any one of the hundreds of Blog subscribers undue stress and hopefully there are no long-term physical or emotional conditions that arise. If so, please submit written documentation... .
'twas a nice day: Cool cloudy without a whisper of a breeze.  Nine players: Gary A, Julia, Kim, Mike, Steve, Jim, Ron, Ray and Walt.

The courts were a little wet upon arrival but Mike and Julia made short work of the puddles. Matches commenced immediately and kept going hard and fast for a straight 2-1/2 hrs. As the session came to a weary end - 4 players were left on the court. All upright, too.
Official report from Bob D. He has a broken bone in his right arm near the rotator cuff. Will be in a cast 4-6 weeks, then will have to have physical therapy. Wish him well and a speedy recovery.


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