Friday, August 21, 2009

(back row)Pete, Ken, Lynne S., Spidey, Carol, Johnny, Bob H.
(front row)Joanie, Ralph, Jan
I took this picture of the group.
When we got to the pickleball courts this morning we knew we had a job to do before we could start playing. Ken on the squeegee and me with the push broom. Soon Pete arrived and started helping. When we thought we had gotten the courts in good enough shape to play we started hitting balls. Ralph arrived and we started a game. We had 11 players today. You can see who was present for the pickleball session today in the picture above. We ended the session with another 21 point game (always Spidey's idea) between Ken & I and Spidey & his twin Ralph. This time Spidey and Ralph beat Ken and I 21 to 16. We had some great pickleball games today and a good time was had by all. I talked with Bob T. on Wednesday and he's able to walk ok after pulling the calf muscle last Friday but he's afraid that he is not ready for any quick moves like he would be doing playing pickleball. I hope he will be back soon. Ron and Sharon will be back with us on Tuesday. Anne left town today to go to Colorado for a vacation. And Steve is still putting those True Green flyers out. Hope to play pickleball again on Tuesday....... Lynn

Joanie & Carol

Johnny & Lynne S.

Johnny & Lynne S.
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