Friday, August 14, 2009

The Twins

We were missing some folks today to vacations and we didn't think we'd get such a group for pickleball as we did. BUT we did and it was great! There were 14 pickleball players today. Bob T., Steve, Lynne S., Lorraine, Jan, John, Johnny, Bob H., Ralph, Claude, Mike, Anne, Ken & I. Lynne S. brought her friend Lorraine from Charleston to play with us. She is a very good player and we hope she will visit again. We didn't expect to see either Mike, Anne, Lynne S. or Jan so it was a pleasant surprise to have them to come today. Also we haven't seen Claude in a while so that was nice to have him on the courts too. Bob T. pulled a muscle in the calf of his leg today not too far into the session so he had to go and sit down. That was the end of Bob's playing for the day. I hope he will rest it and be back with us next week. Jan didn't stay too long as she had her 3 year old granddaughter, Sophie, with her. She was a sweet, cute little girl and sat in the chair while her grandmother played pickleball. I wish I had gotten a picture of her. Jan got to play 2 or 3 games before they left. Can't believe that Jan is a grandmother. Steve decided to play hooky from his job and come play pickleball. Guess he misses us. The last game today was another 21 point game.... this time Spidey and I played Sheik and Stevie Boy. We all played pretty well but Sheik and Stevie Boy beat Spidey and I 22 to 20. Anne was our score keeper and we felt like we were playing at Wimbledon with Anne announcing the score in her english accent. Stevie Boy substituted for Spike as Spike is on vacation. Well I think a good time was had by all today and we had a nice little breeze blowing most of the time. John left his paddle at the courts so we have it and will bring it next time. Hope to see everyone next week. Lynn
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