Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Joanie & Ralph

It was another hot morning for pickleball but we had 13 pickleball players anxious to get on the courts. The first game started with Bob T., John, Ken and I. The 13 pickleball players today were Bob T., John, Ralph, Spidey (Mike), Joanie, Bob S., Bob H., Carol, Johnny, Spike (Ron), Sharon, Sheik (Ken) & I. We have John to thank today for taking care of those pesky fire ants that keep getting on our balls and biting us when we pick up the balls. John put out fire ant killer all the way around the courts. THANK YOU John!!! I asked Spidey if he would like to write up today's pickleball session so read on below for a great story!

According to Spidey:
The regular staff writer here at the Pickleball blog has asked me to say something about today's events. No one can take her inimitable place but being that she was a participant in today's most memorable game, she felt that her objectivity might be called in to question by some of the participants.

As they say, fun was had by all. But some had more fun than others. Spike, Sheik...... You may want to hit the delete button right now. But as Howard Cosell used to say " I've got to tell you how it was". People who usually leave early, stayed to watch. Frisbie golf players and dog walkers massed by the fence. Last week Spike and Sheik won 22-20 amid some disputed calls. Today's final score of 21-4 left nothing to dispute. It wasn't pretty. Spidey played his typical solid game. But Lynn the Lionhearted hit mighty defensive lobs that disheartened Spike and Sheik.

Spike slinked off mumbling something about having to go out of town for a few days. Sheik asked if he could tag along. Spike said that it was best if they didn't see one another for awhile. As I said, not pretty.

As they say, fun was had by all.
And by the way, be sure to be there Friday. Joannie said that she'd have a Subway sandwich for everyone in attendance. Hold the mayo........Spidey

Bob T. & Spike

Bob S. & Carol
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