Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Annie & Julia were our ball girls today. You guys did a Great Job!!
Ron, Annie, Becky, Julia and Sharon. Becky is Ron and Sharon's daughter and Annie and Julia are their granddaughters. We enjoyed meeting them.
What started out as a nice morning for pickleball when Ken and I got to the courts just after 8:00 turned into a pretty hot morning. There were some pretty hot games too during the session today. Bob T., Jan, Ken and I played the first 2 games and then John arrived followed by Ralph. We had 14 pickleball players today....... Bob T., Jan, John, Ralph, Lynne, Carol, Johnny, Mike, Anne, Bob H., Ron, Sharon, Ken and I. Ron and Sharon came a little late because of having to wait for a delivery. They brought their family, Becky, Annie and Julia, who were visiting from VA. Annie and Julia did a superb job of collecting our balls for us and they did a good job of making sure the ants were off of them. Mike was back after his multiple week trip driving out west. It was nice to have Spidey back on the courts with us. He keeps us all on our toes. The weather is looking good for Friday so we're planning on being back on the courts then. Hope everyone can make it! Lynn
Anne, Mike, Ken & John

This was the last game of the day and a very intense game it was!

Spiderman (mike) and his pitt bull (anne)

The Shiek (ken) and John

Mike & Carol

Ralph & Johnny

Lynne & Sharon going for it!

Bob T. & Ralph (this picture was taken when it was early and we still had shade on the court)

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