Wednesday, April 13, 2011

April 12, 2011 - Wind again! Pickleball

OK. This is all we are going to say about the ever present wind on the UPG Pickleball courts. Just wanted to let you know about the conditions - so, we brought our professional grade anemometer along, set it up and within seconds it blew away and was last seen near the visitors dugout on the baseball field 200 yards away. End of topic. Seven players were on hand: Mike, Steve, Gary, Jan, Bob T, Sharon and Ron. We played doubles on one court and Canadian Doubles on the other. For whatever reason, some players didn't stay all that long. So the day ended with four players pounding out several fine doubles matches. Fun to play and fun to watch.                                                        That' Bob T below.
Of note: We were visited by a not-very-healthy female black widow spider. Sharon tried to move it to a safe place without any luck. But, none other than Spidy himself came to the rescue, retrieved the egg-laden arachnid and gently moved her off the court. You go Spidy!
Spidy above; Stevie Wonder below.
Below: Gary demonstrating one of his finest moves.
Please note - for the record - that Mr. Steve (Stevie) Wonder delivered an exceptional batch of Toll House cookies to the troops, as he vowed to do after some pressure was applied. So, he is back in our good graces and he will be allowed to bring another batch in the immediate future.

Still looking (or, listening) to hear from those of you who plan to attend the Lake Keowee pickleball gathering. Scheduled for Monday, April 18th, with a rain date of Tuesday, April 19th. We'll work the transportation details. We need to hear from you pronto, or sooner.

We are watching the weather. Depending on the forecast and the success of the UPG Weather Arrangers, our next p'ball session could be scheduled for either Thursday or Friday and will most probably be in the AM. Keep your eyes peeled for your Pickleball Schedule announcement. Spike

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