Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pickleball - April 5, 2011

It promised to be one of our windier days, but instead, we had a stiff breeze, semi-strong winds and some bluster (nothing to do with the weather, though). Players present: Ralph (shown above R) Gary A (above L), Mike, Joanie, Anne, Peter P, Steve, Sharon and Ron. Jan also happened by for a short visit. Stevie Wonder was back in full force apparently making a full recovery from recent surgery. Gary A was also back about 97% recovered from his recent surgical procedure.
The 'breezes' did require some advance planning especially when serving or trying for lobs. But, the weather event, added some spice to the matches of which there were many.
Above: Dutchess lets go with a serve.
 We UPGers played for about 2 hours and enjoyed the matches almost as much as we enjoy throwing barbs around. If you play with this group - it's best if you have thick skin! Fun as usual.
Special note: We are trying to arrange (with Dick Stone) a pickleball get-together at Keowee Keys. Details to follow. And, Smoke, of the Lake Lure, NC crowd advises that his crew is planning a different pickleball tournament setup for this year's Olympiad so all contestants - win or lose - will be able to play more matches. Stay tuned. Spike

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