Friday, April 22, 2011

P'ball - Thursday, April, 21, 2011 - Weather-driven

The courts were puddle-laden when we arrived at 9:30AM. But, our de-watering crew aptly led by the UPG's 2011 version of The American Gothic duo got one court dried out in short order. We started playing on that court while the rest of the troops worked on the other. As ordered, a slight breeze arrived, and the sun showed its face. In about 15 minutes both courts were in use by these players: Sharon (Cupcake) & Gary A (Too-Tall), both shown above, Steve, Jan, Gary, Pete P, Johnny and this scribe. It turned out be be a beautiful day, so we kept blasting away for just over two hours. Stevie Wonder was on fire and some of his opponents have minor flesh wounds to prove it. We'll be back in action next week. Spike.

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