Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Keowee Keys Day - Monday, April 18. 2011

We seven (Jan, Gary, Peter, Anne, Joanie, Sharon and Ron) motored to Keowee Keys and arrived at 9:45AM - 15 minutes ahead of schedule even though your's truly managed to get turned around a few times en route (but, only once on the return trip)! The P'ballers at KK were about as prepared for our visit as any group could be. They have two nice tennis courts marked for pickleball as seen in the photos below. Benches, iced water and other drinks right there at the courts, a nearby gazebo for spectators, and players to cool their heels, 'facilities' within easy walking distance, and a bunch of p'ballers raring and ready to go. Dick Stone and Richard Webster introduced us to their players that numbered about 10 and we got under way. For a while the men played on one court and the women on the other and some hot matches followed. D and R kept things moving, shifting players around, setting up matches. We took a lunch break at a pavilion all of 200 feet from the courts where an exceptional lunch awaited us: deli sandwiches with choice of trimmings, chips, coolers filled with cold beverages including some kind of carbonated barley drink, assorted, home-made cookies, lemon bars, chocolate cake and brownies. We waddled back to the courts, where we started playing mixed doubles on both courts. More good games. A little breeze perked up, but had almost no impact on the matches. Beautiful, warm weather all day.

Above: Jan (Madonna). Below: Dick Stone.    
                                  Below: Sharon (Cupcake) and Joanie (Joanie de Arc) team up.
Notice the gazebo in the background and the faint pickleball lines on the courts. The lines were very easy to see while playing.
Below: Roger J.

Below: Players and spectators watch the action.

Below: Gary and Peter.

Above: Joanie serves.

That's the report for this fun day with our pickleball pals from Keowee Keys. We played for four hours including a lunch break. Everyone was pretty tuckered out when we quit at 2:00PM. What a way to spend the day. We thank all of the players and other folks who helped set things up and kept things going. The coolers were always full, the balls were always shagged, the food and dessert were much appreciated and the competition was stiff. First class.

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