Saturday, April 9, 2011

Friday Pickleball - April 8, 2011

Sixteen players were on the scene today including Bob T who finally returned from Florida after an extensive leave of absence. He was armed with a new paddle, but didn't use it during the matches. Welcome back. The entire lineup: Mike, Steve, Johnny, Joanie, Lynne, Gary, Gary A, Peter, Peter P (Pete), Bob H, Jan, Anne, Ralph, Bob T, Sharon and Ron. The weather: Windy as usual, partly cloudy in the 70s.
We played for 3 hours and had some real battles. But, with so many players there was plenty of down time as indicated in the photo below. Even Spidy sat down and Ralph smiled*. Two rare events.
We rarely report scores of matches - but, an anonymous UPG roving reporter 2nd class - wired in the the following story which has been slightly revised by the editor. Ralph (Rocky) and Gary A (Too Tall) were playing Stevie Wonder and Jan (Madonna). Rocky and Too Tall were being unmercifully flogged and fell behind 8-1. But, the Mutt & Jeff duo rallied behind some strong playing, great pickleball strategy, considerable fan support and a few bad line calls and took the win 11-8! *That's why Rocky is smiling in the photo above and that is also why he savored the moment when he got home by indulging in two glasses of Merlot. Good show. Please note that the 3 nicknames: Rocky, Too Tall and Madonna are entirely the creation of Ralph (now Rocky).

Stayed tuned for information about an upcoming visit and Pickleball session with our friends at Keowee Keys. The date for the visit is Monday, April 18, with a rain date of Tuesday, April 19.  Spike

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