Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday P'ball - July 8, 2011

Another humid day, but that didn't keep the troops from coming out in full force. We had thirteen players including a guest - Georgianna - from Arizona visiting her friend Dodie who is from the Greenville area. The list: Mike, Ralph, Lynne, Joanie, Georgianna, Gary A, Bob H, Johnny, Carol, Steve, Claude, Sharon and yon editor-in-chief.
Joanie (with granddaughter Prema in tow) was back in action after a few weeks leave-of-absence. Didn't take her long to get back into the swing of things. Welcome back in the fold. Georgianna moved right into rotation and played many good games. She'll be back for a few more sessions. She is featured in the next collage. Her friend Dodie watched the matches and was kind enough not to look bored silly. How could she be with so much exciting action?
We played continuously for over 3 hours and probably all dropped a few pounds in the process. Some teams played practice sessions in preparation for the Lake Lure games. In our crowd - Spidy & Stevie Wonder are the team to beat in men's doubles. No simple chore. We UPGers are concentrating on more net play and are playing the occasional 'dink' shot. Encouragingly, a few of them have landed in bounds. Stevo has been hefting many lobs with high success rate. Darn it!

Note: The above photos, including the collages, can be enlarged by double clicking on them.

We'll be back in action next week so be sure to check your email.

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