Friday, July 29, 2011

Maiden Session - Gower Park. Friday, July 29, 2011

Twelve players were on hand to christen the newly surfaced courts at Gower Park. All five of them. The courts are blue as seen in the following photos with white tennis lines and light blue pickleball lines. And, a very nice surface. The lines are easy to see and the blue color is easy on the eyes. Players: Mike, Steve, Ralph, Johnny, Claude, Ray, Gary A, Bob T, Peter, Anne, Ron and Sharon.

We played on three courts for a while, but it was hot and folks were taking well deserved rests under the nearby tree, so we pretty much stuck to two courts for the 2-1/2 hours session. Several planes flew low overhead on their final approaches to the municipal airport. Sharon claimed she had arranged for celebratory flyovers - but, no one bought into that claim. New sights: A tank; A one-man basketball game, and two observers. Below: Even though today was UPG's first official session at Gower - Spike and Cupcake played for about 15 minutes on July 27 to take the honor of being the first to play p'ball on the new courts.

Court 3. Players taking advantage of the shade, with a tank simmering in the background.

Notice that the pickleball lines break everywhere that they intersect a tennis line. That method is very effective for delineating the different court boundaries. Already said once: but, very nice courts and a spanking job. Spike.

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