Thursday, July 14, 2011

July 12, 2011- P'ball

Fourteen players were on hand for another humid p'ball session at Timmons Park. Even at the 9:30AM start time the weather was steamy; the temp continued to rise as we progressed through the 3-hour session. Players: Steve, Mike, Ralph, Gary, Gary A, Bob H, Georgianna, Jan, Anne, Johnny, Joanie, Peter, Sharon and Ron.
Above: CW from top L: Dutchess, Buckeye, Ricky Ricardo, Pistol Pete and Jan. Below: Spidy and Joanie hitting to Gary and his partner.
There was lots of action on both courts and the H and H didn't seem to slow anyone down. Eight teams have been formed for the upcoming Hickory Nut Gorge Olympiad (Lake Lure). The teams have been practicing - by playing games together as opposed to our usual random method of forming teams. OBSERVED: some of the newly-formed teammates have been seen whispering, gesturing toward their opponents, and using not-so-subtle hand-signals. Apparently, this activity is related to a sophisticated playing strategy new to UPGers.

Below: CW from top L: Rambo/Dutchess, Rambo and Stevie Wonder/Joanie.

Otherwise: Bob H managed to hit himself in the mouth with his paddle. He ended up with a fat lip. Thankfully, his paddle is OK. Georgianna, visiting from AZ may, or may not, be back for one more session. In any case we enjoyed her company and her play. We UPGers have a standing invitation to visit her pals in AZ to play a little p'ball on dedicated courts.
So ends another day of play in Pickleballville, SC. Looks like we'll be at again on Friday, 7/15/11. See you then. Spike

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