Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tuesdayball and Steve's 54th - July, 19, 2011

Fifteen UPGers were on the scene today, and showed little concern for the hot, humid weather that has been our friend since mid-April. The courts were very puddled, but we managed to push most of the water off the playing surface with Stevie Wonder's 100-year old push broom with its withered bristles. Players: Bob H, Jan, Steve, Anne, Lynne, Carol, Johnny, Peter, Bob T, Joanie, Ralph, Gary A, Mike, Sharon and Ron.
Today was Steve's 54th Birthday and was duly celebrated with an only somewhat off-tune rendition of Happy Birthday and yummy home-made cupcakes kindly provided by Jan.
We also took time out to play many rousing p'ball matches. Jan (mentioned thrice, so far - at the cost of a hefty bribe) was on the winning side of 5 consecutive matches - which is some kind of record, but it is not known which one. Will check the archives and report. Below: That's Stevarino protecting the 'kitchen' with Carol (Lash) standing by.
Newsy stuff: Gary A - Commander-in-chief of the UPG Traveling Team reports that we now have 3 men's, 3 women's and 6 mixed teams that will participate in the Lake Lure Games. And: If all goes well, we may be able to start playing at Gowers next Tuesday (July 26th). Directions will be sent out via the UPG Communications Network Facilitator. Below: Bob T firing away, with Johnny holding back in reserve.

So, word has it that we'll be playing Friday (July 22nd) at Timmons. See you then. Spike

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